Avoritas (aka Avocado Margaritas)


It’s not that there isn’t a whole market full of perfect, in-season produce to write about. It’s just that my friend Suzanne, a New Yorker now living in Austin, Texas, posted this on her Facebook status: Avocado Margaritas.

Avocado margaritas? I love avocados and love margaritas. Have I been missing out on the best summer drink of all time? And when I saw avocados on sale the other day, that was a clear sign that it was indeed time for me to try this intriguing concoction.

I’ve heard of adding avocado to smoothies. I’ve never done it. I’m very happy eating a ripe avocado with just a splash of lime juice and sprinkle of salt. Why bother dragging the blender out?

Avocado margaritas (or Avoritas, if you prefer) seemed like a good way for me to branch out and experiment. And when I say me, I mean my husband. Every person likes to have a place in life, and my husband’s place is head bartender in our house. It just turned out that way. I put him on the task of finding and tweaking a recipe for the new drink. Being a purist and one who scoffs at frozen alcoholic drinks, he begrudgingly helped me out. He’s a dear.

Second to the bright-green color, the texture is the main selling point of these margaritas. They are super creamy and smooth. My husband might have mixed the first batch with a heavy hand because I primarily tasted tequila. Granted it was the creamiest, coolest tequila I’ve ever had. The rest of the tasters thought it was perfectly balanced; a little tart, a tad sweet with a kick of tequila. For light-weights like me, I recommend easing back on the tequila a bit.

I look at Avoritas as another way to add a little nutrition to my booze. Avocados are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, several B vitamins, magnesium and potassium. I’m all for adding nutrients to my diet wherever, whenever I can, cocktail hour included.

2 cups ice
6 ounces tequila (tequila)
4 ounces fresh lime juice
2 ounces triple sec
1 ripe avocado (peeled, pitted)
.5 ounce simple syrup (or honey; more to taste)

Salt for rim
Equal parts sea salt and chili powder, well mixed

Place the ice, tequila, lime juice, triple sec and avocado into a blender, and blend until smooth. Pour into salt-rimmed margarita glasses to serve.

Serves 4