Chicken Stock

Making stock is something I do all the time. If I’m chopping a bunch of vegetables, the unused ends go in a stock pot. If I have shrimp shells, I throw them in a pot with water and make shrimp stock. I feel like I’m throwing away good money if I don’t make stock out of the leftover pieces and parts of whatever I’m cooking.

The great thing about making your own stock is that you know exactly what is in it and can customize it to your taste. I don’t like thyme, so my stock never has to have it! Plus meat stock has a healthy dose of minerals. If you want to read about the health benefits of stock, check out Sally Fallon’s Broth is Beautiful article on

If you are short for time, put your stock-making ingredients in the freezer and make it later.

chicken carcass from a roasted chicken

-Once the chicken has cooled, pick the meat off the bone, save the meat for another dish.
-Add all the unused chicken parts (bones, skin, etc) to a large stock part and cover with water.
– 2 tablespoons vinegar
-Add peppercorns, herbs, garlic, vegetable ends, or whatever you have around.  You don’t really need to add anything, but it will enhance the flavor.
-Heat over medium uncovered for at least an hour. I often leave mine on for several hours if I have time.
-Strain stock, discard everything but the liquid.
-Once the stock has cooled, divide into 1-2 cup portions. I pour the stock into freezer bags and freeze. You can also pour it into ice cube trays and freeze for quick inclusion into dishes.