Make your own…

My friend Bill doesn’t claim to be much of a cook. He told me that once in college he wanted to make a white sauce, or béchamel, if you want to be fancy. He mixed the flour, melted butter and milk. He stirred and stirred and it wasn’t thickening. He called his mom for guidance. She suggested that he add a little more flour. He did, but it still wasn’t thickening. He called her back to say that it still wasn’t working. She then suggested that he turn up the heat a bit. Bill said, “Heat?”

So when this non-cook tried his hand at making yogurt, granola and bagels, I took note. Apparently Slate Magazine had posted an article about how cost-effective it is to make certain pantry staples and it convinced him to give these a whirl.

As far as being cheaper, the article reported that yogurt and bagels are indeed cheaper to make at home (bagels check in at around 23¢ each and yogurt is around $1.75 for 4-cups). Granola is a toss up ($1.45 per cup). Bill said that he would definitely make yogurt and granola again. The jury is still out on making bagels. Bill wasn’t thrilled with his results.

These are easy, but require a little patience. No worries though, we all have a little patience to spare, right?

Homemade Yogurt